Friday, December 28, 2007

holy boredom batman

Christmas for two thousand and seven in officially in the books. The rents and I just chilled, watched sports, played cards, and grazed for two days over a 20 pound turkey my mom decided to make. It was good stuff. I had last Friday through Tuesday off and had to return to work on Wednesday... so I thought.

I have this problem with my alarm clock. The problem is that is doesn’t wake me up. It’s loud and it tends to wake everyone else in the house up, but of course not me. I set the damn thing to go off an hour and a half before I actually need to get up to ensure that I actually do. Wednesday morning was no different. I was still on my five days of no work high and had a two hour fight with the snooze button before actually dragging my ass out of bed to get ready. It takes me an hour+ to get to work so I was super stoked upon arriving and discovering that the building was locked. Awesome. I walked around to a window until I saw someone and motioned for them to let me in. I was one of four people at work. Two of them just so happened to be engineers in my department and as I set my bags down they greeted me with a “So, want to go shoot some pool?”. We all left an hour later. Totally could have stayed in bed... which of course I took into consideration when I woke up yesterday morning feeling like ass. I called in sick. So today is Friday, and I'm at work… alone. I’m the ONLY person in my department here today. *sigh* I still kind of feel ‘bleh’ and really if there isn’t anyone here then there isn’t really much for me to do. I’m leaving at noon. Again, totally could have stayed in bed. The week after next is going to be a drag after all these days off. Not that im complaining about the vay-cay… I’m just sayin.

In other news: I want pho.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

my materialistic pondering for the day.

Explain to me why I had such a hard time yesterday deciding on whether or not I wanted to buy a $200 pair of jeans but then went out and spent $100 with ease on nothing at all (i.e. dinner, drinks, and a cab). My ass looked fabulous in those pants, but its not getting any cuter by eating out and drinking. Obviously I need to reprioritize my spending habits… and go buy those pants.

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Name that tune!

I am easily amused...

There are quite a few more here!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

There’s a hole in my heart that can only be filled by...

We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives… an overwhelming and undeniable pain in your chest from feeling like something is missing. It’s taken me a few years to discover, I have searched my soul for what this void could possibly be, and I have come to realize that this hole in my heart is a direct result of me not going to prom. Tragic isn’t it? It’s a damn good thing I have friends like Crystal.

Here is a run down of some of her past birthdays:
* we dressed up like cowgirls and went to a male, gay, line dancing bar
* white trash whirly ball (it’s a mixture between bumper cars, basketball, and lacrosse)
* 80’s glam karaoke
* while sporting 'I love Seattle' paraphernalia, we took a ‘Ride the Duck’ tour
(where she opted to take over the microphone (and was then offered a job))

Imagine my delight when I found out what was on this years agenda… prom. It’s even in the exact location where our high school’s original magical night was held: The Ballard Elks Club. The theme is ‘Enchantment Under the Sea’ and a decoration committee has already been formed. Life as I know it will forever be changed. At last, I will be whole.

In her own words…

Prizes will be awarded to most closely recreated prom (must bring photo to prove), best lesbian couple, and of course a prom king and queen will be chosen by a hootin and hollerin contest.

There will a photographer taking couples pictures which will be posted on line. A cash bar with bargain basement $2 you call its. A dj featuring smash hits that will range from 1988 to 1999. Tickets will be sold at the door, as Im still figuring out how many hundreds of thousands of dollars this thing is going to cost me.


So, ladies, go try and squeeze your fat ass into your prom dress. And gentlemen, call up the tux shop in the mall. All the cool kids will be there.

Nothin’ but class. God, I Iove this woman.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ugly sweaters are apparently all the rage.

During the holiday season my time always gets spread a little thin. I’m quite the busy bee as is but I try to make an extra effort to see all my peeps. I tend to be a random ‘hey this made me think of you’ year round gift giver, but during Christmas I only shop for a few people. Spending time with the those that I care about is much better than any material gift I could either give or receive. That being said, I had a fairly busy weekend and I don’t see it slowing down before the New Year. My company Christmas party was on Friday (I unfortunately do not have too many exciting things to report since I had to leave early to work at an art show), Saturday I saw I Am Legend (which was slightly depressing, but over all I liked it), spent some QT time over pho, and attended three holiday parties that night (which I wore a dress too I might add (yes, you read that right)). Yesterday I spent time chit chatting with my GF while getting my herrr did, and then chillaxed at home with the roomies for a while.

Side story time - Last night Gene and I decided to go out to Rebar (which I hadn’t done in way too long)… we listened to some good tunes, and shoot some pool. For the record, I am excellent within a 2 to 4 beer range. Really, I am. I won three straight games (which he wasn’t too thrilled about) and then decided to play a fourth with a friend who severely kicked my ass (which I’m sure he loved). He literally cleared all his balls off the table without me taking down a single one (that sounded funny (I'm that mature)). On my fourth turn, him needing only the 8 ball to finish me off, I decided just to go ahead and do it for him. Yep, the one ball I got in was the 8 ball. That totally ruined Christmas.

Moving along…

About 8 or 9 years ago some of the older house heads around Seattle started throwing annual ugly Christmas sweater parties. They give out prizes for the best(worst) get up, and I’m proud to say that my brother has won at least once (pictured below on far left with antlers on). He’s kind of a big deal. So anyways, I’m not sure that all credit can be given to them for this particular phenomena, but it has grown into quite the wide spread craze around town just over the last year or so. I know of nine sweater parties this year... NINE. I’ve already attended two (although I am slightly ashamed to say that I was without sweater goodness). I think I had the conversation at least a dozen times within the last week about how all of the random thrift stores around town have been wiped clean of any worthy attire for these functions. Madness I tell you. Hopefully I’ll be able to dig up one from a past years party to wear to the annual shindig in two weeks.

Merchants CafĂ© ’04 – don’t bother asking wtf I am doing because I really don’t know…

On my agenda for this week: two dinners, a birthday party, I’d really like to go see Blue Scholars & Common Market at Neumos on Wednesday, two kickboxing classes, Taradactyl is flying in (YES!!), our (Lot Boys) monthly club night on Thursday, a football game on Sunday, I’ll mostly likely be racking up a few OT hours at the jobby job, and some where in between all that I will be doing what little shopping I need to. *wipes brow* At least I will be getting a four day weekend.

Only five more days... Gonna make it.. gonna make it.. gonna make it…

Thursday, December 13, 2007

PUI (public urination issues)

I’m not a big fan of using public restrooms. If they’re empty, cool. If I know you and we’re friends, it’s not as weird. It’s something about a stranger being able to hear me pee that just makes me uncomfortable. Generally if the bathroom is full there is plenty of other commotion going on, but say there is just myself and one other person in there... totally awkward. You can tell if they’re the same way because both of you will just sit there for a while in complete silence. It’s almost like a sit off of sorts. Who will break the seal first?? There are a few ways to solve such a problem:

1) You can just overcome your discomfort and let the other stall occupant listen to you relieve yourself (not my first choice)

2) Pee as you flush since the toilet is louder (but then water splashes all over and you now have to wipe your legs off as well.. not the greatest selection but it works)

3) Wait for the other person to do one of the previous two options and do your business once they leave (guess which one I do)

Then there are the talkers. This mostly happens with coworkers. You’re in a smaller confined restroom space so to ‘ease’ the situation people make small talk. Not me. There are only two stalls in the ladies room at my work… if I walk in and there happens to already be someone else doing their thing, I’ll leave, go around the corner, act busy, and wait for them to come out. Sometimes these scenarios are unavoidable though and then I will typically just sit there and wait for them to leave. I would much rather have them think that I'm dropping lunch of at the pool than know that they heard me pee. Odd, but true. Perhaps I should consider cutting down my water intake during the day…. yeah, wont happen.

In other non-PUI news… TARA GETS HERE IN SEVEN DAYS!!!! (I’m sure she will be please to be included within this blog)

TBMs are soon to be under way. Dance floors will be filled. Let the games begin.

Happy Thursday!
I’m out.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tis the season for holiday parties!!

Up until a few years ago I never went to any of my company related xmas functions, but I soon came to realize what fun I was missing out on. There is always that guy or girl that just gets entirely way too trashed and makes a complete ass out of themselves. (I am already fully aware that I am going to hell therefore do not feel bad about laughing at others when they do such things as this). All of a sudden Jane Doe in accounting thinks she has some sweet stripper moves, Joe Shmoe in purchasing thinks he can break dance, or a few random people start making out in front of their HR personnel. It’s awesome. I use to work at a fairly well known hair salon and they were infamous for causing such a ruckus that it was a difficult task to find a bar or restaurant that would allow them have their parties there. Someone once ripped a bathroom sink straight off the wall. Seriously, WTF were they doing?? I always just assumed someone was getting the ‘business’ and well, the sink just broke. What is it about the holidays that somehow make people throw out all their inhibitions and decide to get totally tanked in from of all of their coworkers of all people? And whose bright idea is it to have open bars at such get togethers? I’d like to shake that person’s hand.

Walter Gustufson (Gus Gus for short) was a gift from my roomies last year. He was my fish. My friend. My pal. He died a while back and I miss that little guy. He was black with googly eyes and reminded me of a dog… only he had gills, was much smaller, and lived under water. He was a social fish so in an effort to advance his social skills I made two attempts at giving him a friend. The first was Johnny 5. He was a smaller black/orange/white fish with over sized eyes. He wasn’t the prettiest, but that of course was exactly why I picked him. Ugly fish need love too. I really enjoyed saying “HI, FIVE!!” and then putting my hand up to the tank. He never quite got that joke. The second was Obi Juan.. a bigger, skinny goldfish that constantly picked on Gus Gus. I was not a fan. Feeding time was hard on poor Gussy since Obi would nip at him every time he got near the food, (such a bitch), so I started hand feeding Gus. Twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, I hand fed my goldfish. It was a bonding experience really. So anyways, I ended up making a very fatal mistake one evening. I changed their bowl water and accidentally added too much filter cleaner. Obi was a goner by morning and Gus met his fate shortly after. I buried him under the cherry tree in the front yard. *sniff* I killed my friend. I’ve been wanting to get a new fish ever since but I knew there needed to be a mourning period. I didn’t want to displace or hide my feelings of sadness and remorse by jumping into a new relationship with another fish. It has been a while now and I feel like I have had the proper grieving time. I am now emotionally stable enough to find another fish in the sea…. or down at Pet Smart. Whatever.

I have come to the conclusion that there is some universal message board that sends a notice out to the male species when a female is either taken off of, or put back on the market. Kind of like a “Nope, don’t even try” or an “OK, go ahead” broadcast. I have been hit on by more random guys in the last month than I have in the last year… *shrugs*. It’s ridiculous. I’m a social bird, I go out a lot, but I’m not huge on PDA, so its not like anyone could ever really tell when I do or do not have a BF unless they actually know me. It just works out that I tend to not be hit on when I’m taken, and then a damn breaks and randoms start flooding in when I’m single (with no one interesting I might add). This message board is really the only conclusion I have come to as to how they know such things. Should be flattering, right? Not so much. I don’t like being hit on. Most of the tactics guys use are just lame-o, and it’s pretty obvious majority of the time that they don’t really know anything about who they’re hitting on anyways. Unless you are my friend or posses that certain… how you say ... GRRRRR!!!... then please excuse me while I put my “Nope” sign back up.

I bought a new book yesterday. It’s called ‘Why Men Love Bitches’.
Go figure.


I love my sister. I hadn’t talked with her in quite a while and on Monday night we were able to have quite a lengthy phone conversation. She lives in Louisiana with her husband Rob and is pregnant with her first child. Side note - I am, and always have been, the last person to know ANYTHING in my family. I once found out that an Aunt had passed away a few weeks after the fact. That’s a topic for another day.. anyways, when I returned from Burningman in August I got a phone call from her one morning and she said “So, since you are always the last to know I figured I’d call you first…”. I immediately knew she was pregnant. I got super screamy girly excited. This will be the first offspring from my brother, sister, or I in my family. Two days ago I received a text in the morning from Rob saying that they found out it was a baby girl. Now, I've always wanted a little brother so I figured here was my shot (sorta) but truth be told I couldn’t be more excited either way. I’m going to have a niece and I'm stoked.

So aside from the newbie our conversation mostly surrounded our parents. A few weeks ago (in the middle of a Red Robin I might add) my mom and dad told me that they are moving back to the east coast. They are originally from the EC and majority of my family still lives there. I am the only one who lives in Washington. My dad is leaving right after Christmas and my mom will most likely stay here just long enough to sell off their business. They pretty much gave me a 20 day notice. I have kinda known that they would eventually move back, I just didn’t think it would be this soon. The inner child in me is scared and a little freaked out because I have always lived within a fairly close proximity of my parents and could see them whenever I wanted to, and I am slightly regretful at this point because that does not happen nearly as often as it should. I am fully aware that I am defiantly responsible for this. I also have a lot of unresolved ‘issues’ from my childhood that keep me a little emotionally distant and all of a sudden I now feel like I have a deadline to ‘fix’ things(which I’m not too stoked about). I keep reminding myself that just because they may physically be further away, they are not really ‘going’ anywhere. The adult in me…. that independent, already been on my own for 10 years, get over your shit woman, and stop being a selfish baby part… is pretty excited for them. All I want is for my parents to be happy, and I think this is a definite step in that direction. There is a great job opportunity awaiting my Dad (and he deserves it), they’ll get to regularly be around their families for the first time in 30 years, and I know that this is where they ultimately want to be. If this is what they want, then I want it for them.

Things are definitely changing all around for my family. I’m nervous yet anxious to see what happens… and of course im looking forward to meet this little chica!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

It’s definitely a pho day.

It’s Friday. I’m at work. I’m tired. I had a late night last night which included 5 bars, a concert/performance by someone I had never heard of before, one failed attempt at playing pool, a grocery store adventure, and somewhere in the mix there were a few cocktails. For whatever reason, surfing the interweb until around 4am just seemed like a great idea. Some times I really am fantastic. Six more hours until freedom. Gonna make it.. gonna make it.. gonna make it…

Explain to me why it is that I have ESP about the most random shit. Why I had a dream about Britney Spears being pregnant the first time around is beyond me. One time I dreamt about my girlfriend Julia’s cousin opening a second art store, which low and behold will now being opening next Thursday, and most recently I had one about that damned ‘Shot of Love’ show with Tila Tequila… only it was mainly about Dominico. I admit it, I watch the show. Its mindless entertainment and I’m addicted to VH1 reality TV. Sad, but true. So anyways, they just announced that they are coming out with a second season staring guess who…Dominico. I’m creepy.

Its almost 2008. That just seems so weird to me. I remember last new years so vividly and it does not seem like it has been 12 months already. Then again, I’m sure I could create some insanely long list of things that occurred this year that would make me feel as though it has been longer. We’ll pass on making that for now. I am really a we, btw.

Speaking of NYE, Ms. Tara Leigh is making her return to Seattle in thirteen days. THIRTEEN DAYS PEOPLE!!! I feel like I haven’t since her since back in Nam. Girly shrieks of some sort may escape from my vocal cords. Oh my good GAWD I’m excited!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Who knew that a half hour in a sandwich shop would make me ponder such things?

I was sitting over at the mall a few days ago eating a delicious turkey sammy for lunch and found myself staring at an elderly couple. Now, you’d probably think that I was being rude since the woman was crippled and could barely hold herself up at the table, but in fact what I was thinking about was how cute they were for being the epitome of ‘for better or worse’ and ‘in sickness and in health’. It started to make me wonder, as I sometimes do, what that feels like. That 100%, no bout a doubt it, going to be by each others sides, even if I drive you crazy, even if you’re sick and I have to take care of you, forever, no matter what kind of love. Part of me wonders if that even exists anymore… and then reality hit me over the head with a large board in the shape of my roommates. Out of the hundred something young couples I may know they have the one relationship (that I can recall at this moment) that I can’t see ending. They are not the most perfect of individuals, no one is, but they seem to be pretty perfect for each other. It’s gross.

I’ve never been one who cared or worried about being married. I never had the white dress/walking down the isle dreams when I was young. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to share my life with someone, I just don’t feel like I need the piece of paper in order to say “You are who I want to be with”. Many arguments can be made about me saying that is all it is, but unfortunately today it has been reduced by a large percent of our population to exactly that. Just check out the divorce rate. It’s a piece of paper that holds you together no more than a puppy would. If two people both mutually want to be with one another, they will be. If someone decides to be done, then they’re done. There really isn’t any way of holding someone accountable for not following through with things they say or promise to you once they’re feelings are just… gone. Including marriage. I know countless people who have gone through relationships of all lengths in which somewhere along the lines someone just wasn’t there anymore and inevitably all of the ‘I’ll do this’ and ‘I’ll do that’ things that were said just become empty words. I’ve been on both sides of this equation and reasons vary. Shit happens, feelings change, people are scared of sharing emotions, etc. I suppose that is what makes certain relationships so special though. It’s that kind of love that I mentioned before. When you know, you know, and when you don’t know, you try your hardest anyways and stick with it.

It makes me smile when I see people who are still together in their old age like this particular couple I saw. Just imagine how many dark times they may have had in their 30, 40, or 50+ years together. On the flip side, I’m sure those times made their blue skies a little brighter. He was obviously willing to do whatever he could, even if it was a difficult task. Taking care of someone while they are physically incapable of doing so themselves is a big commitment… the kind of commitment from another person that many people unfortunately may never experience. I thought they were beautiful. Truth be told that I've actually gone there the past three days with some hope of seeing them again. It’s a bit stalkerish, I know. It was also because of the great sammys. Who knew that a half hour in a sandwich shop would make me ponder such things?

On a more humorous note, I’ve had the discussion quite a few times over the years with various people about how I think that everyone should come with a warning sign on them. Something kinda like when you buy a car... that sticker on the outside window that lets you know all about what you’re buying before you take it off the lot and it losses value. Seriously, you know it would be useful. It would go something like….

* great sense of humor
* enjoys cuddling
* educated
* excellent cook
* does own laundry
* likes sports
* goal driven

* codependent tendencies
* lacks basic communication skills
* has not unpacked previous relationship baggage
* emotionally detached
* stubborn
* lengthy jail record
* drug addict
* doesn’t like ‘Ferris Buehler’s Day Off’

Naturally you would have to pick and choose your battles on importance, for no one is perfect, but at least you’ll know what you’re in for. People can then preview and make a well educated decision about whether or not they would like to take you home with them… or vice versa. You would not be allowed to create your own of course. If people were that open and honest from the get go then they wouldn’t need the stickers now would they??

Hmmm…I wonder what mine would say.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

mid day ramblings...

My work is doing an ‘Angel Tree’ for Xmas this year, so I picked out a 5 year old boy, went out last Saturday, and bought him some T-shirts. Something tells me that his parents probably filled his wish list out because I’m not sure that I’ve met a 5 year old that would prefer clothing over toys… but that’s not the point here. The gifts were due by today, and of course I forgot to wrap everything, so I brought his presents to work with me, and went on a wrapping paraphernalia mission during my lunch break. List of things to buy: one box, small pack of tissue paper, small pack of wrapping paper. That’s it. I tried to find those folded packs of paper but apparently bags are the new hit these days, buying a single box is apparently unheard of, and tissue comes is a variety of packs that have either 2, 4, or 1,000 pieces in it. One Bartell Drugs, a Safeway, Walgreens, Hallmark store, and an hour later I found myself walking back to work with over 100 sq ft of wrapping paper, a ridiculously large bundle of tissue, and a pack of three boxes. Doesn’t anyone sell anything in small portions anymore? Totally unnecessary. I just killed a few Charlie Brown trees.

I’d like to volunteer at a shelter or food bank during this holiday season. I used to coordinate trips to a local food distribution warehouse at my last job and could call them up again, but I think I’d like to be more in front of poeple than behind the scenes. I need to start researching. Feel free to throw out some ideas.

Seriously, my ass is in pain. How on earth I managed to pull every muscle from my neck down through my rear while playing dodgeball is beyond me. It’s not like I haven’t been playing every week for the past few months or anything. Sheesh. I skipped kickboxing last night in an effort to not have to undress, dress, and undress myself again before the days end. One clothing change into my PJs was good for me thank you very much.

The new Alicia Keys album is kind of the dopeness. Go buy the album and listen to it so we can then further discuss…

carry on.

Give that muppet a cookie!!!

Right as I came into work this morning a co-worker was discussing how he had recently seen a news report about how the Cookie Monster, beloved sugar eating cookie grubber on Sesame Street (as if I need to tell you that), would no longer be aloud to say “C is for cookie”. Why?? Because kids in this country are too over weight. Are people seriously that blind to their own contributions to the situation? Don’t you think parents who let their kids go to town on a bag of Tollhouse might be a great place to start battling this issue, as opposed to changing a make believe character? The Cookie Monster didn’t turn the television on for your child instead of encouraging him to play outside or be more active. Take it out on the muppet why don’t you?? Seriously people, you’ve GOT to be kidding me.

So anyways, I started doing a little research and apparently this has been an ongoing thing for years. This is just one of the stories among many of the online petitions to save the CM that I found.


Cookie Monster curbs cookie habit
Cookie Monster, the biscuit-eating puppet on US children's show Sesame Street, will cut down on his favorite food as part of an anti-obesity drive.

The blue-furred muppet who used to sing "C is for Cookie" will now tell viewers that "A Cookie is a Sometimes Food".

Each episode of the show's new series will begin with a "health tip" about healthy foods and physical activity.

A Sesame Street representative said the popular character would be "broadening his eating habits" in future.

Talking vegetables

"We are not putting him on a diet, and we would never take the position of no sugar," said Dr Rosemarie T Truglio, the show's vice president of research and education. "We're teaching him moderation."

New characters such as talking aubergines and carrots will be introduced, while guests stars such as soul singer Alicia Keys will talk about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Almost one in three children in the US is now overweight, as opposed to one in 25 in the UK.

Sesame Street begins its 36th season on America's PBS network on Monday. It is broadcast in over 120 countries, with more than 20 local versions being made.

Last year Cookie Monster - originally played by Muppets regular Frank Oz, the voice of Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear - revealed that before eating his first cookie his name was Sid.


I wonder what Sid has to say about all of this.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

1, 2, 3... BUCKWILD!!

In the off season of my championship kickball team, *ahem*, I fancy myself as a bit of a baller. A dodgeballer that is. This is my story…

Last fall was the first time my team and I had played in a dodgeball league together. We came, we played, we threw out our arms, we barely escaped being kicked out of the league…. you know!? The norm. Dodgeball, in case you were unaware, is a very serious thing. Or should I say that the players take it too seriously? There is nothing better than watching a grown ass man storm off the court when the ref tells him that he is out when he CLEARLY feels otherwise. People cheat, they get in verbal arguments, majority of the guys in the league find great pleasure in annihilating the girls on opposing teams, and I’ve personally found myself wanted to knock a few bitches out. Eh, I’m competitive when it comes to sports and so I am guilty and can sometimes fall into that ‘too serious’ mentality. Sue me. So anyways, we decided to join forces again this year and get a little BUCKWILD!! <--- that’s our team name (if you haven’t figured that out by now).

So the way it works is that 6 people start each game (3 guys and 3 girls), you play as many games as you can within a 15 minute period, and whichever team wins the most games wins the match. You get points per match you win and the larger the spread obviously the better. There are only two matches per night in the regular season but up to three in the playoffs, which were last night. We were ranked third seed and made it into the playoffs, but we would have to win our two scheduled matches in order to play in a third for the championship. Last week we had about a 40 minute break in between matches so naturally we thought it would be a great idea to leave, have a few Jager bombs, and come back. Phenomenal idea. We creamed the second team we played. Yesterday being playoffs and all we definitely needed to be on top of our game… so we met at Outback for a few rounds before heading into battle. Not sure that I can give credit to the JBs for the wins, but I found this highly amusing so it was worth mentioning.

Here’s how the night went down..

Match #1: BUCKWILD!! vs. Balls of Fury

They only had 7 people on their team which can kind sucks because you’re pretty much dodging, dipping, ducking, diving, and dodging the entire 15 minutes. Gets kind of tiresome. I know, I do it almost every match… last night included since we only had four girls the whole night *wipes brow*. ANYwho, we won the first game, and then lost the next three. Won two games to get it all tied, and that led us into sudden death. That game lasted a few minutes (which is along time in dodgeball) and it came down to me and one dude. He threw, almost hit me, I returned fire, and I totally got him out… *chuckles*. He’s probably pissed. Oh well... ON TO THE SEMI FINALS!!!

Match #2: BUCKWILD!! vs. 9/11 Truth Commission


Now that I have that out of my system…. It came down to the wire with the same chain of events: 1-0, 1-3, 3-3, 4-3. We almost lost this one so a big ‘thank you’ is in order for the ‘high ball’ rule… you throw a ball too high twice in a match (like, the only place that ball is going to hit is someone’s head) and you’re out. It was 3 on 2 with their best guy in when he was called out for a high ball. YES!! The chick was easy to pick off after that (no offense chica). WE’RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!!.... wait, no… NEXT!!

Match #3: BUCKWILD!! vs. Team Dave

Every season there is a team made up of individuals who do not know eachother. They sign themselves up through the league and they are all placed on one team. Good way to meet people I suppose.. this was that team. I gotta hand it to these guys and gals, they played great together. They made smart moves, their girls were not afraid of catching (and did), and they were the most challenging/fun of the evening to play.

We must like the pressure of being behind or something because the SAME SHIT HAPPENED!! We won the first game, they won the three following, we came back to tie, and it all came down to one final game. This was for all the red rubber balls in the gym folks. It was down to their best guy and girl, my teammate, and I... (side note - this chick also played last year and single handled beat our entire team. It was 6 of us against her and she handed our asses to us). So there we were. Two on two. Now, I’d love to tell you that we won, but we did not. Im not exactly sure who picked who off first but it came down to one guy and me.. again.. only this time he caught my ball and I was out. Game over. Second place is bitter sweet but they deserved to win. I think its kinda cool that a group of people that didn’t even know one another came together and won. Bravo to them!! *sobs for us*

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm over it.

We made a few friends over the course of the season, mostly by sharing beers at a local pub afterwards, and we also made a few enemies, one of which being a ref (oops). All and all it was good times, I had fun, and although I would love to be able to add ‘Dodge Ball Champion’ to my list of accomplishments I am pleased that we took 2nd after only playing two seasons.

Good job, kids!! I’ll see you in a month for winter league. I’m calling it now… we’re winning this time around!!!

BUCKWILD!!, meet the internet... Internet, meet BUCKWILD!!

(we were having a Braveheart kind of evening)

Oh yeah, just in case any of you care - my arms, back, and ass (don’t ask why) are KILLING me today!!! Dodge ball is apparently the new full body work out. You should try it.

Anyone feel like volunteering and giving me a massage?


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Seattle got its first taste of snow in the city yesterday.

The first fall of the year always reminds me of Skyla. She's been my best friend since I was 8 years old and we lived three houses down the street from each other until we were 14/15. We never went to school with one another until 9th grade when I FINALLY convinced my parents to let me go to public school with my friends, as opposed to Catholic school where I TOTALLY fit in (that's a story for another time). Anyway, every winter when it would snow, and the school closure reports would come on, Sklya would always see hers first because public school started before private. As soon as that message scrolled across the bottom of the screen she'd get dressed in her green snow suit, march her toosh down to my house and wait to see if my school was out too. It didnt mater if there was an inch or two feet, it was a given that she'd be on my door step in about 5 minutes flat of that first notice. We had a pretty long driveway so there was a good warning time for my mom to tell me that she was headed my direction wanting me to get out of bed and come out and play. My mom still to this day will call me and say "Here comes Skyla!!" when it snows. I'll never get tired of hearing that.

*side note - one shitty thing for her: at the end of every public school year the snow days that were taken off were always added onto the end of the year. Private schools were not were not. My summers, inevitably, were always longer. Heh, sucker.