Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kari & Jeremy

Sunday night was my first of five weddings to attend this summer. It was a fairly small outdoor gathering of family and friends at the Robinswood House on the east side, and the weather was nice enough to hold out.... (one loud thunder clap had me nervous for a second, though).

The groom: I've only met Jeremy a hand full of times, but my interactions with him have been quite entertaining. For example, we conversed back and forth the week prior to the wedding about where he could take his bride to be/birthday girl to find an, and I quote, "inappropriately hot little dress/skirt/etc to go dancing in." His girl is hot, i cant blame him. Quite laughable, and he got a thumbs up for that one.

The bride: Ms. Kari. She looked insanely gorgeous. She comes from a long line of crafty woman, so it was no surprise to me that her big sis made all the food, and that her mother had made her dress as well as the dresses for the two flower girls. Brides tend to be a little spastic day of, but if she felt that way she kept it together quite nicely. Instead of entering into a whirlwind of hair and make-up freak outs, I walked into Kari--in jeans and a t-shirt, 30 minutes prior to go time--applying "fancies" to her niece. Cool and calm, that's how she rolls.

The camera battery was beeping at me towards the beginning of the ceremony, so I tried to save what life was left for one picture of the love birds. I snapped this shot and then it immediately died. At least I got it :)