Friday, February 29, 2008

After much anticipation..... prom pics.

Rent a 6000 square foot hall, get some disco lights, tell you're friends to brush the dust off their 90's prom attire, play a little Journey and Bobby B, and what do you get?? Countless amounts of nonsense as well as ruffles, bow ties, corsages, crowns, boas, pumps, rhinestones, tuxedo shirts, cummerbunds, shoulder pads, pocket protectors, interpretive dancing (mostly done by me), punch spiking (also done by yours truly), and... whats that stuff called again... oh yeah, FUN!!! In a nut shell... prom was the jam!!

I'm pretty sure I had the hottest date there...

Here is a link to the pictures the photographer took!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Breathe Me.

Every time that I watch Sia perform I fall in love with her all over again. My first experience with the kooky Australian was in a quaint little venue a few years ago with one of my best friends, Tara. Up until then I enjoyed Zero 7’s music but had fairly little knowledge of Sia herself. From the time this little ball of awesomeness walked out on stage to when she was saying her goodnights, she absolutely blew me away. She made a new lifelong friend that night as her voice plucked away note by note on my soul’s strings.

As we exited the venue I bought her CD and although it was completely amazing, I was somewhat disappointed. I was unknowingly being spoiled by hearing her live before ever hearing her solo work via a recording. I must tell you, CDs will ever do her justice. It is quite a feat to say that someone is better live than on an album, but she has yet to fail me in the belief that she is 10x better in person.

Last night was my fifth time being a part of her audience. My girlfriend and I found ourselves a fairly good spot with a clear view, but unfortunately it was amidst drunk fest ’08 and people were being so loud you could barely hear what she was saying between songs… which really is a bummer because she is also quite the entertainer. However, Breathe Me came on (which is by far my most favorite to hear live) and the entire crowd fell silent. It was perfect. She sang a few more songs and then as she collected her gifts of bamboo, stuffed animals, and cards the crowd had given her, all the while graciously thanking all of them, I couldn’t help but want to jump on stage, fold her up, and put her in my pocket. Maybe next time.

If you have never listened to Sia, pull your head out from under that rock and go YouTube her. Better yet, go buy her albums, check your local venues for upcoming tour dates, and go see her perform. If you don’t like her I will personally reimburse you for your tickets while slapping you for having no musical taste.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Borat invades my bathroom…

In the downstairs bathroom of my house there is a rather large sized map of the world hanging on the wall. Along the very bottom of this map there are pictures of various flags. So a while back someone cut the face of Borat out of a magazine, without my roomies or I knowing, and tapped it to the Kazakhstan flag. Obviously this was a premeditated act of silliness and we thought it was quit entertaining once we noticed it, and who knows how long it had been there. Well Borat has recently changed locations. Someone decided to find Kazakhstan on the map and move him there. Now, the person who we thought was originally guilty of starting this little joke has not been over to our house for quite a while which means that there is a second culprit who decided to join in on the fun….

I love my friends. They are obviously ridiculous.


I'm pretty sure that the only thing that made paying $9 for this movie worth while was that I was able to look at this mug for two hours...

If anybody wants to see a GREAT movie... go see Cloverfield.
It's my new favorite right now.... aside from Step Up that is ;)