Friday, September 26, 2008

The breast may be best..... but could you please leave my ice cream out of this??

A friend of mine sent me this article yesterday. At first I was mildly grossed out, then I laughed a bit, and now I just have too many questions.

After doing a little bit of Google searching I was enlightened to the fact that there are six human milk banks in the US for babies who will not/cant take formula and who’s mothers can not breast feed for various reasons. Thats for new borns, so let’s just side-step that for a moment shall we and focus in on the ridiculous amount of extra milk the women in this world would need to squeeze out just to satisfy the ice cream demands alone. I won’t even get started on cheese.

Can you imagine the production line for something like this? I mean, would there be factories? Are these women sub-contractors? Do they get medical benefits? Instead of receiving maternity leave are they forced to work over time? Do they have to provide their own pump or is there somewhere they can 'hook up'?? Are they milked by machines or is it the old fashion pulling on the utters style? If it’s the latter, I’m sure there will be a flood of male applicants. These dudes will be the first in line. I smell an HR violation in there somewhere.

I’m all for humane treatment of animals, but come on…. really?? Soon we’ll be seeing organizations pop up everywhere defending the rights of mistreated breasts.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Carol Decker

In June, while seven months pregnant, Carol Decker went into the emergency room with a fever over 103 degrees. Within an hour she was given an emergency C-section, was immediately put into an induced coma, and was eventually diagnosed with a septic pneumonia infection. All of her major organs began to fail, her skin literally boiled, and her blood began to clot in an abnormal manor. The doctors eventually had no choice but to amputate both of her legs and her left arm. She is now also blind, but alive.

With the use of prosthetics, and severe physical therapy, Carol is expected to one day be able to walk and play with her children again. Unfortunately, it will have a cost. Literally. Within the last three months alone Carol’s medical bills have surpassed $2 million dollars, and they continue to grow. She is expected to be returning home next week, but extensive rehab is needed, which among other things are not covered by her insurance.

Carol is the sister of one of my best friends, a wife, a mother of two baby girls, a beautiful individual, a fighter, and a member of a family who loves and supports her to no end. This family is now in need of help. Please take a moment to read her story, leave a message, and contribute in any possible way that you can to her recovery.

Carol’s husband, Scott, has been keeping a blog to update friends and family about her progress:

If you would like to make a contribution to Carol and her family, you may do so at any Washington Mutual Bank under the ‘Benevolent account for Scott C Decker FBO, Carol J Decker and Safiya Decker’. This information can also be found within this blog posting:

Komo 4 news aired a story about this last night on the 11 o’clock broadcast. If you care to read the story or watch the video, it can be seen here: