Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tunnels?? Really??

I am a self admitting pack-rat. I understand the urge to keep shit around.
But keeping (apparently) deadly trash....??

Hoarder Dies After Becoming Lost in Maze of His Own Trash
An eccentric loner in Britain hoarded so much trash he had to burrow through it to get around his home — then got lost in the maze of tunnels Friday and died of thirst.

Human mole Gordon Stewart, 74, had filled his rooms up to the ceiling with 10 years’ worth of garbage and clutter, making it impossible to walk around.

The compulsive hoarder is believed to have become disorientated inside the walls of rotting trash and unable to find a way out — then collapsed with dehydration.

Neighbors raised the alarm after failing to see him leave his house in Broughton, Bucks, for several days.

When cops arrived, the stench from the garbage was so foul they brought in a police diving team equipped with breathing apparatus.

It is believed they crawled around the tunnel network until they uncovered Stewart’s body.

A neighbor revealed: “A police officer said the interior was piled up with huge mounds of rotting rubbish and there was an elaborate network of tunnels to move around."

“They think Stewart may have got lost and died from dehydration.”


People never cease to amaze me.

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