Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Background info: I work in the Science & Math department at my school. I’m basically there to answer questions, get the phone, sometimes tutor, and generally create a diversion/wall for the dean so she doesn’t have to listen to all the issues students have. There is a giant “X” in front of my desk where people place their milk crates and complain about everything they wish was not their fault. Sometimes the conversations I have just leave me shaking my head and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry because, unfortunately, these people are responsible for the future.

This morning’s episode stared a 20ish yr old kid inquiring about which programs he could take that required the least amount of math possible because, and I quote, “Them white teachers just be failin’ me for no reason. They won’t let any n***a in here pass. You must have that problem too, huh?” One: He was white. Two: Rude. There’s no need for that shit. Three: Uhhh, seriously dude?? Maybe he’s going through some sort of identity crisis, I don’t know. But something about the thick aroma of marijuana permeating off of him made me think it was just his high verbally puking everywhere. Especially after he followed it up with “No reason I can’t pass with a 60%”, and, “I need to get me a female teacher. They grade easy.”

And just when I thought he couldn't get any more awesome, ten minutes later I heard him having this conversation:

Him: “When I have kids I’m never going to make them do any of that exotic shit?”
Girl: “Like what?”
Him: “Like go to the mountains.”

I really feel like I owe it to society to procreate in order to level out the idiocy that people like this inflict on the world.

End hater moment.

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